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Hello beautiful! I'd like to introduce myself and how we were created! My name is Mrs. Arlene Banks also known as Queen, but featured here is my beautiful mother! Well you may know me personally or we may be strangers...either way I welcome you as part of our family! I'm the CEO of this amazing new lip wear line that once was just an idea and a dream April 7, 2017! I stepped out on faith and Soup Coolers Lipwear by the Queen Arlene became a dream come true and was born and introduced to the public June 24, 2019! After much research, and hard work, finally, May 2020 we launched our new, beautiful 24 lipstick shades available, began taking pre-orders and business took off and is a blessing to watch grow because of you! This lip line was created in dedication to my beautiful, deceased mother Adriana and my loving father Charles L. Harrison. I lost them both to the deadly disease dad at age 60 in 2008(stomach) and my mom at age 55 in 2016(pelvic). I recall as a young girl, about the age of 9, my dad flirting with my mom in the kitchen calling her "Soup Coolers." I later curiously asked my dad what that meant and he said "full beautiful lips that can cool off a hot bowl of soup, LOL" hence the logo, wink! I said "ooooh" thought about it and laughed! Now, as a grown woman, whom has inherited my mom's full beautiful lips, I have enjoyed the meaning and essence of their beauty behind the name! One day my hubby called me "soup coolers" not knowing my backstory and it clicked! I needed to start our lip line since I'm a lipstick addict, call it Soup Coolers and incorporate those full beautiful lips cooling off that hot bowl! That was my confirmation, then WAALAH! It came forth...the love my parents shared was so lasting, funny and rare like ours, but real! So real that my mom passed on my dad's birthday. So in memory of them and their relentless love and to keep their love memory alive I decided to start our lip line due to my desire to embrace that memory that has stuck with and followed me into my womanhood. I literally turned my pain of losing them into my passion in this business I'm building. I use to watch my mom put her makeup on flawlessly, and effortlessly she would dress her beautiful full lips day after day with so many different array of lipstick colors/shades! It was like a mini magic stick wand of color to my young eyes and I wanted to one day do it like her and I did gracefully inherit the talent. She even told me before she passed away to make sure her soup coolers were right, lol...and they were...just right for my dad waiting to greet her with a kiss in heaven. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it! In honor of them and their flirtatious love I humbly thank you for supporting my vision, dream and journey in building Soup Coolers into a very successful line! Pray for me as I pray for you! You are appreciated! Now enjoy shopping!
P.S. If you haven't, please be sure to purchase our signature shade named after my mom in her favorite color, Adriana Coral!!! It's a beautiful matte shade in the orange family I highly recommend!! A great spring/summer shade!! Check it out now! A portion of the proceeds will go to a local cancer charity.
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